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Just released my very first android application:
Subdroid, a simple app that displays svn logs. If you're on your android device, you can find it right here in the market.

subdroid robot

If my HTC Desire finally arrives next week i will be able to test it on a real device for the first time :)

Edit: Howto Video available. Watch here or directly on YouTube
JonTheNiceGuy mail.jpg
2010 04 09 - 16:07
Are you planning on making the code for this available anywhere? I'd love to be able to help with this.

I really want a full SVN client for my G1 so that I can sync my password safe between the phone and server, and pick it up on my PCs.

If you're not planning on making the code Open Source, then that's still fine (I'd prefer it tho ;) ) but I'll be keeping an eye on this project :)

All the best,

Jon "The Nice Guy"
2010 04 10 - 13:34
Hi Jon,

some of the code is already up there at sourceforge though its not the latest version because i switched to a private svn later.

All in all the code quality might not be the best because i just started fooling around with android and tried out a lot of stuff for the first time.

For SVN in java there is the SVNKit library. But i decided not to use it because it would bloat up the whole package (2mb lib file) and i simply couldn't get it running inside my android emulator within the first tries (though i've read that someone managed to do that - but didn't release an app).

What i won't be trying to do is to create a fll SVN client with full checkout support and modification checking and committing.

However i might have a look at how the PUT method works for svn WebDav and offer a solution to commit single files to the repository..
le mail.jpg
2010 04 22 - 09:55
Hey nice application.

I try to use it on my Desire but the log isn't sorted by revision number. Is their a reason for this shuffle log or is it a bug?

thanks for you work

2010 04 22 - 23:03
Hi le,
hmmn I'm not sure why the log is not sorted on your desire. Is it completely scrambled or is it sorted, but only in parts, or upside down?

I'll check this weekend and might release a new version that fixes this bug if i can reproduce it.
Todd mail.jpg
2010 07 10 - 23:00
Excellent APP... I use this all the time to keep up on the code for a few projects out there... Excellent work and keep up the inspiring app building...

If I can help with anything testing or other let me know...
2010 07 11 - 15:04
Hi Todd,
Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like it and find it usefull.
I might contact you if I need someone for beta testing :) In the meantime I would be thankfull if you rate the app in the android market or even write a comment there.

Best regards
sanczo mail.jpg
2010 07 24 - 00:02
is this project still maintained?
i saw last commit more then 30 days ago
2010 07 24 - 02:48
Hi sanczo,
Yes it still is maintained and i still add features from time to time. The sourceforge repo doesnt contain the most resent version at the moment.
Are you interested in contributing? I could make the latest version available again i guess.

BR Andreas
neopi21 mail.jpg
2010 09 20 - 15:53
Thanks to this application. Is it possible to add svn protocol?
2010 09 25 - 23:39
Hi Neopi21,
hmmn i guess it would be possible.
But it would require a good load of work that i'm currently not able to put into it.
And as the majority of svn-servers uses http(s) anyway.. -.-
However, contributions are always welcome :)

2010 09 30 - 06:51
Can it be supported svn protocol instead of http?
2011 10 03 - 15:17
I am using svn secured with ssh on PC and would love to have the same available on Android.
What is required to support svn+ssh?
What is the secure alternative?

2011 10 13 - 00:40
Hi Arne,
you need apache and mod_dav_svn to serve the svn through http(s).
SVN protocol is not supported by the app.

Carsten Hoffmann mail.jpg
2011 11 30 - 03:55
You should really think about implementing svn as a scheme. I even need svn+ ssh but I wonder if one can get that to work with a ssh tunnel. Since there is no app that provides this (that I know of) it would be really worth implementing. This would make a great pro feature. I am tempted to offer you my help, but I am afraid that Ih am short on time to start something I have no idea of ;-) I do wish you good luck with it.
2011 11 30 - 21:32
Hi Carsten,
yeah i know a lot of people seem to want svn protocol support.
But just like you i recently haven\'t found the time to implement it. Currently i simply parse the http responses (xml). Implementing the whole (or part) of the SVN-Protocol is rather tedious and the java svnkit library is rather big and i wasn\'t able in my first attempt to port it to work on android (but would be cool, as it would allow real checkout, chekins etc).

The project started as a simple app (actually my first one, a hello-world android demo that evolved into the svn log viewer). It would probably be best to re-implement a lot of the functionality.

The code however is available at sourceforge, see: sourceforge
magnadian mail.jpg
2012 02 13 - 19:04
great work!! amazing app even being your first one.
I hope you keep on evolving the app so it can manage svn:// and many other things.

Anything I can help please contact me.

Best Regards
Martin mail.jpg
2012 04 20 - 00:15
I use this a lot to follow my favorite open source projects. Unfortunately I have run into a problem. After the last update it force closes on my galaxy tab 7 plus. GT6210. Several crash reports sent, but I don\'t know if you get them. If there is anything I can do to help fix this, do tell.

/r Martin
wintermute mail.jpg
2012 07 06 - 07:46
Hi Andreas,
since a few days I got the following error for a working repository: \"the target server failed to respond\"
Using a web browser or a svn client it works as expected.
Thanks in advance
2012 07 06 - 21:42
Hi wintermute,

can you give me some more information on that?
What SVN-version is used, was the SVN upgraded latelty?
Are you using username/pw to access the repo?
Would it be possible to set up a guest account?

Haven\'t been able to reproduce the problem yet.
wintermute mail.jpg
2012 07 08 - 22:43
Subversion 1.6.17. A few minutes ago I received a confirmation that it was recently upgraded.
https access with username and password.

Thank you.
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