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Orestes mail.jpg
2010 10 29 - 21:56
Nice application.

It runs smoothly with SVN repositories, but I am trying to use it with GIT repositories with an SVN interface, but it is not working.

Try the following URL:

I have dowloaded the repository to my computer, so the URL is right. The issue is when I refresh it in my mobile, I get an error like "unable to parse '' as integer".
Andreas mail.jpg
2010 10 31 - 22:39
Hi there,
hmmn i'm not sure why it doesn't work. Seems like the github svn interface is not really http-svn compliant.
When i open it in a browser i also only get "incomplete headers". Can't check it out with tortoise svn either.
Attila mail.jpg
2011 11 16 - 18:51
Hi Andreas,
I can not use it, because I get back \"no peer certificate\".
What does it mean?
I use http svn, and of course windows based computer repository can be managed.
2011 11 17 - 10:26
Hi Attila,
Seems like something is missing or invalid with your certificate.

Have you tried enabling the \"ignore SSL\" option?
It doesn\'t turn off SSL (everythin is still encrypted) but only turns of validating the ssl certificate chain.
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