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Using the Java Sun Certified Programmer (JSCP) Web Learning Center is a pain in the ass! They expect you to become a picky java compiler, but at the same time don't believe that you could manage to remember how to use 3 self-explanatory navigation buttons.

E.g. How to answer questions in the Web Learning Center is explained every time you encounter a self-check slide:

Self check. Click the correct option. Alternatively use the tab and arrow keys to navigate through the question and the spacebar to select the option. Then click the evaluate button. To try again click the reset button. To display the correct answer, click the answer button.

And not only textually.

Question from the SCJP Weblearning center
But read to you. In a monologic voice. Again and again.

I fear i'll become a certified Web Learning Center user / question answerer instead of a good Java Programmer.

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